Rubber SoftFall Solutions in Brisbane for Childcare Centres, Schools, Council Parks & More

With an incredible range of colours and designs Rubber SoftFall is a great choice for ALL aspects of play

Coomera Special School

Rubber Soft Fall is in a world class league of its own. Withstanding drops of up to 3.2m high, it’s sure to have the safety of your child and others as the #1 priority, helping to soften the impact of any falls.

Australian made from recycled rubber, and is environmentally friendly. With many different options of colours and rubber styles, there is sure to be a soft fall product right for every project, whether it’s for childcare facilities, school playgrounds or swimming pool surrounds.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

Soft Fall Rubber is commonly used for sports surfaces, both indoors and out. With benefits such as being non-slip, it’s safe and comfortable on your feet. Total Synthetic Surfacing places very high importance on the safety involved with kids play, and the use of rubber can prevent any injuries that may come from unsafe play spaces.

Total Synthetic Surfacing are the industry leaders of Rubber Soft Fall installations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area. With years of experience in all aspects of rubber construction we are sure to have everything you need to complete the job efficiently.

Perfect For:

Australian Made and Eco-Friendly

Using only Australian made and environmentally friendly products, we are proud to say we only install the best surfaces. With Products made to suit Australia’s harsh climates and all have up to 15 years warranty and with a massive 12 month warranty on our work, we are unbeaten by our competitors.

Our experience in all aspects varies from high traffic walkways to undulating water parks, council parks and school playgrounds in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Trusted by our clients with a wide range of projects around QLD & NSW we have an impressive record of maintaining our jobs and offering a service that is second to none.

Rubber Soft Fall: Safety for Everyone Built In

With safety as our #1 priority, we recommend using Rubber Soft Fall on your next project. It has the ability to withstand fall zones over 3.0m high and offers comfort like no other. Slip resistant and extremely durable it is long lasting and safe to use on any surface or under any product of your choosing.

There are also hundreds of different colour options as well as endless styles and designs to choose from. Making it our pleasure to help find the perfect rubber to fit in with your next project.

If you’re entertaining the idea of a project and unsure of what to use, give Total Synthetic Surfacing a call today to discuss your options.


Rubber Soft Fall. It’s denser and longer so it can withstand drops of up to 3.2m high and so give you the most protection for kids in play areas

Yes, surfaces must comply with Australian Standards AS 4422:2016 Playground Surfacing for playground safety so choosing Rubber Soft Fall is the wisest choice. It has to be installed inside the safe zone where the play equipment is, but the outer areas may just be a wear layer helping to reduce costs.

Critical fall height is part of Australian Standard AS 4422:2016 and is a form of test to determine at what head injury and maximum acceleration due to impact are exceeded. It is required to be at least 1m but our Rubber Soft Fall is 3.2m far exceeding the minimum required but this depends on the equipment you have.

For adults playing on synthetic surfaces, you can get burn marks, but children don’t have the same mass or velocity so it is much safer. After the surface is installed and worn in its slightly itchy feeling will subside.

Not if installed correctly. Water will drain away from the surface where the fall is greater than 1%. In areas less the water will simply harmlessly drain into the latex backing.
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